31 January 2013

we're always gonna be luminous.

 photo IMG_2077b_zps916c9c17.jpg  photo IMG_2108a_zps526ac387.jpg photo IMG_1959a_zpsd532a8b9.jpg
Shirt, Whistles, £55 - Mango jacket, Battersea car boot sale, £5 - Scarf, charity shop, £1
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Skirt, American Apparel, £40 - Bag, car boot sale, free - Boots, courtesy of Bertie
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On Wednesday I spent the afternoon with one of the best friends I've made through blogging, Olivia, braving the cold and windy weather for a wander around Southbank. As both of us are such lovers of the IT Crowd, I took Liv to one of my favourite places where it just so happens that part of an episode was filmed - the Namco Arcade, where Moss hilariously got stuck in one of the machines, trying to win a 'flipping iPhone'. I go there quite often with my family, but it was so fun to compete against Liv in car racing and on the dance platform (I think I'll leave it to you to guess who won both!), plus we even won a few tickets to exchange for a handful of sweets (oh yes). In true blogger style, we then took a few outfit photographs of one another and ended up walkin' along the river until we couldn't handle the cold any longer, so popped into a café for a spot of English Breakfast tea. Despite feelin' rather ill, I really did have the loveliest day, and even got to come home with a little memento after taking a couple of snaps in a somewhat unflattering photobooth. Thanks for a wonderful day, Liv! Love, Jazmine.

22 January 2013

cold as ice cream, but still as sweet.

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 photo IMG_1756a_zps196785a1.jpg
Scarf, charity shop, £1 - Shirt, Cath Kidston, £12 - Jacket, courtesy of Barbour.
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Coat, courtesy of Next - Bag, car boot sale, free - Topshop jeans, gift - Boots, courtesy of Bertie.
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The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.” - Audrey Hepburn  
I haven't at all got much to say this evening, but I just wanted to share with you some lovely pictures my mum and I took recently, along with a quotation I'm tryin' my best to say to myself everyday. I've been spending far too much of my time feelin' sad, down and lonely recently, it's time to make some changes. Love, Jazmine. 

09 January 2013

lonely londoner.

Secondhand scarf, gift - Jeans, AA, £64 - Jumper, c/o Aubin & Wills - Coat, c/o Next - Brogues, Debenhams, £18 - Bag, car boot, free.
Another day, another set of outfit pictures I'm not completely happy with (but yay for regular posting!). So rather than lookin' at my hair and face, let's just try to focus on the lovely location. I feel that often people can forget what a beautiful place London can be, I feel ever so lucky and proud to live in such a city, so I'm determined to start shooting my outfit pictures in more of a variety of places this year! This is quite the casual and androgynous outfit (tryin' to embrace my inner Freja Beha, of course) for me, but on a gloomy London day when I don't feel my best, nothing can beat a cosy outfit with a promise of a Starbucks signature hot chocolate after a walk along the river. As the title probably suggests, I've been feelin' a little lonely and lost recently, but I'm hoping I'll be back to my content self soon. Love, Jazmine.

06 January 2013

i was always on the outside looking in, standing on the sideline.

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Scarf & Farhi jumper, charity shop, £1 each - Mango jacket, car boot sale, £4 - Skirt, c/o American Apparel - Boots, c/o Bertie.
I'm sure we all have those days as style bloggers - the days when you think you're lookin' rather lovely just before you leave your flat, only to find that as soon as you are walking down the street nothing feels quite right. You look tired, your hair is frizzy and you aren't completely sure of your outfit anymore. You still attempt to take a few outfit pictures as to not have a wasted trip to your favourite location, only to find that most are out of focus (mum, you're fired! Only joking, I love you dearly) and you wished you styled something a little bit differently. I have those days pretty darn often, but I thought I'd share these photographs with you nevertheless! hope you are all havin' a lovely start to the new year, I'm determined to make this year even better than the last. So far things are lookin' rather positive, though with my pessimistic and worrying nature the thought of growing up can be a little scary at times! Lots of love, Jazmine.