31 August 2013

london calls me a stranger, a traveller.

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Top and kimono, borrowed from Liv - Shorts, American Apparel, £52 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Shoes, Asos (similar here), £40
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So, after spending nearly two weeks in America, I'm now back home in London, finally able to actually stop and reminisce about my amazing (and honestly, life changing) experiences in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I have to say that I'm kind of sad to be back, but at the same time I've really missed home - I'm such a Londoner, after all! I briefly spoke about my time at Magic Market Week in Vegas with WWDMAGIC in my last post, so now here's some highlights from my first day!
Despite talking on panels the previous season, I was just as nervous this time around, but soon got into the swing of things as it really is a great feeling having people listen and appreciate what I have to say. The first panel I spoke on alongside Margie, Jess, Chanelle, Marta and Kelsi was all about what we feel is currently trending in womenswear. I mentioned that I'm not usually one to consciously follow trends, preferring to wear simple and classic pieces, so I revisited one of my favourite brands from last season, Unique Vintage, whose vintage inspired pieces are so timeless that they would never fade out of fashion. The hand embroidered flapper dress was absolutely stunning, so I couldn't resist trying it on for my photo sessions on the concourse, along with havin' a impromptu photoshoot with Liv in the amazin' BCBGeneration jumpers we were gifted! After being at the convention centre all day, the evening was spent hanging around with my favourite people and having a little pizza party in our hotel room, then heading to bed ready to experience the craziness of MAGIC again the following day... 
A very big thank-you to my dear friend Kelsi at Stylesmith for inviting me over and for covering my accommodation, travel and expenses. I had the most amazing experience and feel truly lucky to have been invited a second time. Love, Jazmine. 

23 August 2013

wakin' up in vegas.

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Top, Asos, £8 - Skirt, Asos, £20 - Belt, charity shop, £1.99 - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.95 - Bag, H&M, gift - Shoes, Asos, £40 
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Why hello! From my many tweets and Instagram posts, you may have seen that for the last few days I've been in Las Vegas! Like my last visit in February, I was invited over to attend WWDMAGIC at Magic Market Week, this time with Olivia and Alex, to talk on fashion and social media panels, discover brands and spend time with a handful of lovely bloggers from all around the world. Moments of our trip seemed to go by so darn quicky, yet at the same time it felt like I was there for ages, but overall I had the most amazin' time - I don't feel that everything has fully sunk in yet as going to Vegas really is an overwhelming experience! 
Most of our time was spent at the Las Vegas Convention Centre working, but aside from that some time was spent shopping with Olivia, popping to In-n-Out, hangin' out with some of my favourite people (Gabby, Gina, Kelsi, Aaron, Robert and Margie, to name but a few!), filming the occasional Instagram music video and vlog, plus taking in all of the sights Vegas has to offer. On Tuesday night I also went to the Hyde Bellagio for a blogger cocktail party which was honestly one of the best nights of my life, plus even just by attending the party really does show how much my confidence has improved over the last couple of years - who would have thought that I'd be dancin' on tables, rapping to Nicki Minaj in a club at two in the morning? Certainly not me! My Vegas trip has been full of so many incredible moments and memories, I feel so incredibly lucky to have been a part of it all. 
I'm now actually writing this post at my dear friend Gabby's apartment in Los Angeles, after havin' the best little road trip yesterday afternoon. I'm here until Wednesday afternoon, before heading back home to London! What a busy month I've been having! Lots of love, Jazmine.  

11 August 2013

let's go to the beach, let's go get away.

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Top, Topshop, £15 - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Shorts, American Apparel, £52 - Sunglasses, H&M, $5.99
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   Bikini top, Topshop, £15 - Bikini briefs, American Apparel, £9.60 - Sandals, Topshop, £30
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Why hello! This post comes all the way to you from sunny Portland in Dorset, where I'm currently on a little seaside holiday with my family! I've only been here for a day and a half, but I'm havin' the most wonderful time, plus as we have a pebble beach for a back garden I can't really complain! The weather is a lot warmer than I expected, so most of my time has been spent sitting (ahem, napping) on the pebble hill, braving paddling in the sea and drinking lots of tea outside with my favourite relatives. I packed two swimsuits and some bikini separates with me, all of which I bought quite in advance, so it's lovely to finally get to wear them with my trusty sunglasses and brand spankin' new shorts, sandals and t-shirt! I'm here until Thursday evening, so I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities to take pictures in the pretty surroundings!
Also just in case you didn't know, I'll be heading to Las Vegas on Saturday, which I'm so darn excited (and nervous) about! I'm attending WWDMAGIC at Magic Market Week for the second time this year, this time with my dear friend Liv, to talk on panels, discover new brands and soak in as much of Las Vegas as possible. I'll most certainly be tweeting and instagrammin' whilst I'm out there, along with updating my Facebook page and blog so you can see what I'm up to! I'm feelin' a little underprepared, but I'm sure I'll be just fine. Love, Jazmine.

04 August 2013

twenty one.

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Dress, Asos, £36 - Shoes, Asos, £40 (similar here) - Bag, charity shop, £5.99 - Sunglasses, H&M $5.95.
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What's it been like during my first few weeks of being twenty-one, I hear you ask? Well life has been just the same, I have to say. Turning twenty was a massive transition for me, so I had a feelin' that this birthday things would remain just the same. My confidence has taken a bit of a dip recently, but as I've said before, I've really come into my own and and have been so much more content with my life since I've been in my twenties, so I'm hoping things continue this way for the year ahead. But, celebrating my twenty-first birthday finally gave me the opportunity to take pictures against this particular backdrop! Just a stone throw away from mine and my mum's flat, I walk past 'No. 21' almost every day and for the last seven years or so said to myself that I would shoot pictures here when I reach that age. It's been a long time coming, but it was most certainly worth the wait. Love, Jazmine.