18 February 2014

i'm not gonna write you a love song.

 photo jazminejazzabellesdiary_zpsb6cafe8f.jpg photo jazminerocksnecklace_zpse7d1bb9e.jpg photo jazzabelleridley_zpse735b603.jpg photo officeshoes_zps6a5c82e7.jpg photo jazminebrandymelville_zps711c030f.jpgTop, Brandy Melville,  £20 - JeansAsos, £30 - Bag, car boot sale, £1 - Boots, c/o Office - Necklaces c/o Anna Lou.

 photo ridleyjeansjazzabelle_zps36935489.jpg
When I like something, I really like it - let's just say I get rather emotionally attached to things. As Nick Miller once asked, 'is it possible to be sexually attracted to an object?' - and have to say, the answer is most definitely yes. This pair of jeans is currently the object of my affection and is the most recent addition to my Asos Ridley jeans collection (I now own six pairs!) - they fit me so darn well (to the point where I struggle to take them off) and generally make me feel pretty amazin'. What can I say, I'm smitten. I'm also lovin' my new necklaces (yes, Rocks really is my last name, everyone!) and fancy new boots, plus this Brandy Melville tee is literally the perfect thing. I guess love is all around, huh? Love, Jazmine. 

12 February 2014

picture this, freezing cold weather.

 photo londonjazzabelle_zps6e03ce36.jpg photo harrodskurtgeiger_zpse28e9f54.jpg photo jazzabellesdiary_zps6705993d.jpg
 photo batterseabridge_zps656eb76b.jpg
Jeans, Asos, £30 - Kurt Geiger boots, c/o Harrods - Top, TKMaxx, £15 - Belt, charity shop, £1.99 - Coat, c/o F&F - Bag, c/o Folli Follie
 photo jazzabellesdiaryfloppyhat_zpsc26d65fc.jpg
How has February been lookin' for y'all so far? This month is going pretty darn well for me, I have to say - certainly not as I expected or planned, but that definitely hasn't been a bad thing! Whilst a handful of my days have been spent hungover (oh dear) or in bed with a flu, so far the last two weeks have been lovely, so I really can't complain. I'm now taking a little holiday away from work, and I'm really looking forward to catching up with my friends and family, going out for meals and having lazy evenings in! I haven't really had a holiday since last August, so this is just what I needed. 
My mum shot these snaps on (a very breezy) Sunday morning, and whilst she was right in the fact that it wasn't very sensible of me to wear a floppy hat, for the purpose of the photographs I just couldn't resist. I think my fancy new boots, leather bag and hat make my outfit look a little less casual and more 'put together', and after not making much of an effort with my appearance recently, is a welcoming change. After chasing my hat down the Embankment, putting an end to the shoot, I then spent the afternoon in the company of Liv, Ella, Lyzi and Kristabel, for a much needed catch up over a late lunch, before heading home for an early night. Now, here's to the rest of the month! Love, Jazmine.